Friday, February 1, 2013

The Awful Plague....

So between my husband and youngest son getting that nasty flu/head cold and cough and then them giving it so graciously to me I have not done a post in almost a week!!!!  So to keep it light, here is what our counter has looked like
for the past week. Have you ever bought medicine and it made you feel drunk? Well that is what that box that is in the back made me feel. Not buying that one again. Not to mention the more you drank it the worse tasting it got!!!! Not gonna buy that one again.  Lucky for me when I felt a little tickle in my throat I went and got the Zicam stop cold tablets and started on those. They have helped, I believe, but my husband was not so lucky. He got the sickness before me, so, in an effort to help him and his very terrible cough we decided to go homeopathic...nothing else had been working yet. After scouring a website dedicated to different recipes for every kind of ailment you could have, and, finally realizing that all the recipes for coughing that I was missing at least one ingredient for all of them. But, that didn't stop me I was going to make him a stop coughing drink no matter what. AND a DRINK is what I made alright. 
First I boiled about 4 or 5 garlic cloves, 1/3 of an onion, salt, ginger, 3 Cinnamon sticks snapped in half, and orange zest.  Than I squeezed the juice out of one whole orange and poured the mixture in with the orange juice. Lets just say this concoction was less than delicious. And coincidentally my husband had such a bad coughing fit after drinking it he puked...didn't even get to see if it was going to work. 
What kind of recipes do you like to make up when you are sick to help you feel better? I love to try new things especially if they work :) 


  1. Loving your blog! Totally looking forward to seeing what other crafty goodness you come up with : ) Hope you and everyone at home is feeling better, super quick!! Wish I had a good recipe for you, but I don't : ( Just drink lots of water, tea (Chamomile) with honey and lemon, and get lots of rest. I'm so not helping!
    PS. Is your background different from last night? LOVING the chevron!!

    1. Thanks so much :) Tea is definitely in our arsenal, we have an assortment of the get better kinds from Celestial Seasons. But, I have never thought to put lemon in it. Gonna have to try. And yes, the chevrons have been up. It is curtesy of They have a ton of super cute backgrounds and headers and such :)