Sunday, January 27, 2013

Long Nights Happy Results

After a VERY VERY long night of balancing sick kid, sick husband, my oldest sons school project (George Washington puppet which looks awesome), and my prep work for my Valentines banner class that I taught today everything went smashing :)

here are some of the fun pieces that we used in class that I prepped last night
painted wood pieces
 Baggies full of lots and lots of goodies
 Micro beading the first coat of the love script. So fun and bouncy :)
AND... traced out chipboard heart templates to use as the base in the banner.
And for some reason I do not have a picture of the finished banner but here is pretty much what it looks like

So, even after falling asleep on the couch at almost 2 in the morning and being woken up numerous times for various reasons, and leaving an hour too early to go and teach the class...ooops at least I only got as far as the stop sign down the end of my street...the class was a HIT!!!!!! The ladies were so amazing and so kind and it was full of laughs. I even got the privilege of having my friend Nicole from  Sweet Stamp Shop come. I can't wait to see the finishing touches she put on her banner once she got home.


  1. Love, LOVE this banner, since Valentines day is coming up, you might want to repost
    this pic with any card you make, it is totally ADORBS!

    1. Thank you, I might just do that :) I REALLY need a better picture tho lol i finally have a good picture spot in my house for banners, so maybe when it gets unpacked I will be able to "test it out" :)