Monday, July 7, 2014

Color Me Sweet Birthday Coasters {and Photo Tips}

Hi everyone! It's another Color Me Sweet Challenge and some easy basic photo tips for you!

We are going to do something special for our next challenge, a little giveaway. Yay! Who doesn't just love giveaways?!?!? I know I do. So, to up the anti we will be giving away a free digital download to the winner...Thanks Nicole :) So make sure to spread the word and play along.

Here is the next color me sweet challenge: Kraft, Black, Soft Apricot
Color Challenge
Here are the rules:
  1. You must use the color palette only (neutrals are ok…ex- black, white, cream, etc)
  2. You must use Sweet Stamp Shop
  3. You must upload to Sweet Stamp Shop Flickr to be entered into the challenge (you can tag "color me sweet" on the photo)
  4. You must have LOTS of fun and spread the word

I made up some fun coasters stack using the brand new Enjoy Calligraphy set (which you can pick up in the shop HERE.) to that will be a perfect homemade birthday gift.  To see how they were made make sure to stop on over to my blog for all the details.

These coasters are pretty simple to make. I painted some wood squares and let dry. I then sanded the sides down to expose the wood a bit and very lightly sanded the center to smooth out for stamping. Using the Enjoy Calligraphy I stamped the sentiment in the center. I then used the stars from the new On Cherry Street Kit that just came out and stamped the three sizes in two corners and then stamped the smallest in the opposite corners. I finished off with some diamond stickle's across the dream it. I wrapped some ribbon and added attached a tag with a birthday sentiment i stamped from Elegant Sentiments and the Just The Basics set.

Photo Tip:
We have gone over lighting (HERE), close up settings and object placement (HERE). So today we will take a look at backdrops, it's pretty simple and straightforward, although choosing the wrong one will ruin your photo. This really comes down to a LESS IS MORE!

There are a couple options when it comes to backdrops. 
A) you can use just a plain solid color(white, black, blue, red, green, etc)
 B) Or you choose something with a mini print or "natural" look
(For example wood grain, which you will notice I use in about 90% of all my photos. 
It works and I get consistently great results, plus it sort of acts like a "trademark" you see that paper and you then associate it with my cards :) type of thing.)

Why are you choosing a small or neutral print??? You want to choose a small print, since a basic point and shoot does NOT have the same blurring capabilities as a dslr camera. If you choose a paper that has too large of a print or to many things going on you are really doing yourself a disservice, because you are taking away from the main focus and what you are really trying to show which is YOUR PROJECT. If you aren't sure, try some different ones out. When you are out shopping, stay on the look out for the PERFECT backdrop. Here are some no fail perfect backdrops to look for: Wood-grain (any and all styles), Ombre (light to dark or dark to light), Mini Dots, Narrow slanted lines, or tone on tone (for example, pink paper with subtle pink hearts or something) You might even find you already have some of these in your paper stash. I have all my go to's pulled aside in my backdrop stack so I don't accidentally cut into them.

For the base I just use a simple white. It's neutral and matches everything. You can try a few different thing when it comes to the base. For example, your table a chair, a piece of wood, etc. play around and find your style. :)

Have you been enjoying these photo tips? Have questions or need help. Just let me know. I would love to see some before and afters too, leave your blog address below so I can come visit. 

Enjoy Calligraphy

On Cherry Street Magical Kit (stamp set available ONLY in the kit. NOT for individual sale)

Elegant Sentiments
Just the basics

All of these sets are available in the shop HERE.

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